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This material is presented to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each authors copyright. Tracking, Video Analysis / Image Modelling and Scene Understanding / Robotics and Visual Navigation / Sensor Systems (Posters) Stability As Performance Metric for Subjective Pattern Recognition -- Application of Electoral College in Face Recognition Improving the Matching of Graphs Generated from Shapes by the Use of Procrustes Distances into a Clique-Based MAP Formulation Supervised Enhancementof Lesions by Use of a Massive-Training Artificial Neural Network(MTANN) in Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Clovis Tauber, Pedro Felipe Gardeazabal Rodriguez, Vincent Loriette, Nicolas Chenouard, Benoit Dubertret, Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis / Image Modelling and Scene Understanding / Object Description and Recognition (Posters) Real-Time Foreground Segmentation from Dynamic Backgrounds on GPUs using Local Online Learning and Global Graph Cut Optimization A Contrast Equalization Procedure for Change Detection Algorithms: Applications to Remotely Sensed Images of Urban Areas Improved Document Image Binarization by Using a Combination of Multiple Binarization Techniques and Adapted Edge Information A Multiobjective Simulated Annealing Based Fuzzy-Clustering Technique with Symmetry for Pixel Classi¿cation in Remote Sensing Imagery Robust Intensity-Based 3D-2D Registration of CT and X-Ray Images for Precise Estimation of Cup Alignment after Total Hip Arthroplasty Wei Xiong, Sim Heng Ong, Joo-Hwee Lim, Nn Tung, Jiang Liu, Daniel Racoceanu, Kevin Tan, Alvin Chong, Kelvin Weng Chiong Foong Ruizhe Liu, Chew-Lim Tan, Tze Yun Leong, Cheng Kiang Lee, Boon Chuan Pang, Tchoyoson Lim, Qi Tian, Suisheng Tang, Zhuo Zhang Lalit Gupta, Sunil Kumar, Randeep Singh, Shaik Rafi, Nevenka Dimitrova, Aparni Gortha, B. Lakshmi, Deepa Pai, Sitharthan Kamalakaran, Xiaoyue Zhao, Michael Wigler Selectivity Supervision in Combining Pattern-Recognition Modalities by Feature and Kernel-Selective Support Vector Machines Incremental Learning of Mixture Models for Simultaneous Estimation of Class Distribution and Inter-Class Decision Boundaries Paulo J. L. Adeodato, Germano Crispim Vasconcelos, Adrian Arnaud, Rodrigo Cunha, Domingos Sávio Malaquias Pessoa Monteiro Phase Diagram of a Long Bar under a Higher-Order Active Contour Energy: Application to Hydrographic Network Extraction from VHR Satellite Images. A Study of a New Misclassification Measure for Minimum Classification Error Training of Prototype-Based Pattern Classifiers Machine Reading of Camera-Held Low Quality Text Images: An ICA-Based Image Enhancement Approach for Improving OCR Accuracy An Ellipsoid Constrained Quadratic Programming (ECQP) Approach to MCE Training of MQDF-Based Classifiers for Handwriting Recognition Multiclass Mv-Granular Soft Support Vector Machine: A Case Study in Dynamic Classifier Selection for Multispectral Face Recognition Combining Quadratic Classifier and Pair Discriminators by Pairwise Coupling for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Performance Evaluation of Relevance Vector Machines As a Non-Linear Regression Method in Real World Chemical Spectroscopic Data A Comparison of Clustering Fully Polarimetric SAR Images Using SEM Algorithm and G0P Mixture Model with Different Initializations Rapid Signer Adaptation for Continuous Sign Language Recognition Using a Combined Approach of Eigenvoices, MLLR, and MAP Detection of the Intersection Lines in Multiplanar Environments: Application to Real-Time Estimation of the Camera-Scene Geometry Motion, Tracking, Video Analysis / Computer Vision Applications / Segmentation Color and Texture / Computer-Aided Diagnostics / Medical Image Analysis and Registration (Posters) An Improved Mean-Shift Tracker with Kernel Prediction and Scale Optimisation Targeting for Low-Frame-Rate Video Tracking An Approach to Texture-Based Image Recognition by Deconstructing Multispectral Co-Occurrence Matrices Using Tchebichef Orthogonal Polynomials Source.

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