Many teachers use Bloom's taxonomy and Bloom's revised taxonomy in developing and structuring teaching and learning experiences for their students. This is an attempt to marry Bloom and the key action verbs to digital approaches and tools. This is mainly PC based. Tools that are FOSS ( Benjamin Bloom developed, in the 1956 while working at the University of Chicago, developed his theory on Educational Objectives. He proposed 3 domains or areas: Bloom's Taxonomy is a taxonomy of activities and behaviours that exemplify higher order thinking skills (HOTS) and lower order thinking skills (LOTS). Bloom's allows use to rank and structure different classroom activities and plan the learning process. In the 2001, Lorin Anderson and other revised Bloom's original work to give use it etc.Each layer builds on the previous The creative process naturally incorporates these elements. If you look at the constructionist principles that ' solution to a problem. You must remember (even if you are learning as you go), understand and apply these principles and concepts, analyse and evaluate the success of your design, the process and concept. is a project I am currently working on. In this project I am linking current and emerging practice, behaviours and actions into Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. The additional verbs are added into the taxonomy below in italics Generating/creating new ideas, products, or ways of viewing things (Putting together/combining ideas, concepts or elements to develop/construct/build an original idea or engage/stimulate in creative thinking). programming, filming, animating, Blogging, Video blogging, mixing, remixing, wiki-ing, publishing, videocasting, podcasting, directing/producing Creating original content in a blogging environment) - Blogging tool, blogger, wordpress, classroom blogmiester, bloglines Justifying a decision, solution, answer or course of action (Judge/evaluate/analyse the value of ideas, concepts, materials and methods by developing/constructing and applying standards and criteria). (WP, sound recorder, podcasting, inspiration, free mind, Chatrooms, IM, email, Discussion boards, video and Phone conferencing [skype, IM]) discussion boards, forums, blog, wiki's, twitter, threaded discussions, bulletin boards, chatrooms, video conferencing, chatrooms, instant messaging, txt and pxt messaging, video messaging audio conferencing Breaking information into parts/components to explore/develop/construct understandings and relationships (Breaking information down into its component elements). Using information, concepts and ideas in another familiar situation (Using strategies, concepts, principles and theories in new situations). show. Lee LeFever's productions are clear, simple and to the point, most of all they are 'In Plain English'. Here are the links: Source.

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