- organize existing maps and raw material, - assist in the design and definition of the GIS Framework and geodatabase data models, - assist MCA-Moldova IT with installation of ESRI ArcGIS Server or ArcReader for designated users and provide training to MCA-Moldova staff and MCA-Moldova designates in basic GIS viewing, querying, and printing, - incorporate conceptual layouts of new irrigation systems per MCA-Moldova engineer instructions. - prepare printed maps of GIS data as requested/directed by MCA-Moldova. - support and assist in the Development and Assimilation of the GIS framework. - prepare and update all data layers, - produce maps, querying and analysis of spatial data for assisting in decision making, - incorporate AutoCad design maps and “As Built” Maps into the GIS framework. - manage corporate GIS solution development for Chisinau-Gaz, based on ESRI ArcGIS Server technologies, - manage GIS web application developing, - work on gas utilities and cathodic protection geodatabase schema and map document design, - manage geospatial data: importing to ArcGIS vector data from different sources like CAD, Mapinfo, etc., aerial and satellite imagery processing. - configure and maintain ArcGIS Server application, services and RDBMS - provide training to Infospar and Chisinau Gaz specialists in ArcGIS spatial data navigating, editing, querying, printing, - work with gas utilities specialists on the industry technical questions, - study and implement methods of using third party GIS software regarding hydraulic calculations for gas utilities, - manage GIS web application integration with Chisinau-Gaz customers database, scanned archive database and telemetry data for gas distribution stations. - teach students GIS concepts, analysis, database creation and managing, imagery processing, - apply ArcGIS software in geodesy, cartography, real estate and cadastre. - execute geodetic and cadastre surveys using Leica Total Station TPS Series, Trimble GPS equipment, - process field survey data in Liscad software, - create topographical plans and schedules using ArcGIS. - supply customers with installation and technical support of ESRI software products, including on-site problem solving and manage solution implementations, - consult about implementing ESRI software products in utilities and communications, mapping, cadastre, natural resources, defense and intelligence, - participate as a GIS specialist in local and international projects which involves geodatabase design, spatial analysis and modeling as well as cartographic production processes, - provide training to customers in GIS concepts as Introduction to ArcGIS I,II instructor, - create tasks for and consult ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server applications developers, - participate in GIS telecommunication project for Orange Moldova, prepare geodatada, developing processes, consult and provide ArcGIS training to Orange specialists, - participate in POPs GIS project for Ministry of Ecology, design geodatabse structure, integrate data regarding pesticide depots, consulting. - provide training on using ArcGIS software to section personnel, - plan cartographic and digital mapping workflow, - control the maintenance of the equipment, - check and control quality of created and updated geospatial and cartographic data, - participate as a Moldavian National Army key person in MGCP (Multinational Geospatial Cooperation Program). - work with ArcGIS, PLTS, ERDAS, R2V, TerraBase, Photoshop, CorelDraw software, - create and manage geodatabases, - generate digital maps and ortophotoplans, - prepare cartographic production for printing, - participate in creating NATO standard JOG 1:250 000 scale map for Moldova, Ukraine and Romania using PLTS 3.1, - create 1:400 000 scale general map of Republic of Moldova, - create 1:300 000 scale Customs Service of Moldova map, - scan and process cartographic materials of different years of edition, - maintenance hardware equipment and software installing and configuring. Source.

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