Retired veteran with more than 18 years graphic design experience working with the government, the military, creative staffing agency, and freelancing. Exceptional designer, strong conceptual and strategic thinker. A professional who produces consistent quality designs in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and various graphic applications for print and digital deliverables. • Produced illustrations, computer graphic designs and layouts for T-Shirts designs, cruise book, posters and programs. • Created and painted various murals as well as rebrand command logo and marketing merchandise. • Conceive and execute creative designs for logos, brand collateral, ads (print + digital), and PowerPoint presentations for clients. • Led all aspects of Central Command’s main Graphic branch, coordinated with senior leadership providing key insight on design products, and interacted with outside printing sources to execute daily graphic design requests supporting the Commander Central Command, all senior-level and multi-national coalition requirements for local headquarter and command’s areas of responsibilities . • Managed 4 personnel in the development and production of more than 3.5 million graphic products to include Central Command hosted Chief of Defense Conferences, transition of Central Command’s forward headquarters in Qatar, Congressional briefings, Relinquish of Command Ceremony, Army and Navy Birthday Balls, original illustrations, logos, brochures, posters, PowerPoint presentations, and schematics using Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and various graphic design applications. • Trained 11 personnel on information dissemination for topics and audiences of 250 international and domestic broadcasting, photo, and print media outlets visiting Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. • Provided collateral support in graphic designs for command weekly newsletter and produced print designs used for the base organizational events. • Directed and trained 7 personnel on daily preparations of all computer generated graphics with Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia, Quark Xpress, Microsoft Office, photography, and printing reproduction.• As Lead Designer, collaborated with senior management and peers on designing and producing numerous high-visibility illustrations, sensitive schematic blueprints of the ship, programs and special graphic projects for the President of Poland and departing senior military officials.• Managed the production of 754 graphic and engraving requests, more than 351K lithographic impressions, and the capture of more than 5K digital photographic images used for programs, cruise newsletter, and visiting foreign dignitaries.• Served as expert in graphic design standards and publishing production methods providing essential training for designers working at Naval Support Activity, Norfolk, VA. • Assisted senior level management in developing creative concepts that solved customers’ requests. Collaborated with the design team in creating, editing, and the production of 50K print and digital deliverables for top notch presentations, briefings, brochures, map modifications, logos, coin designs, and posters. • Used Adobe CS (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro), Microsoft Office, and CorelDRAW to produced daily visual media products for the President of the United States, State Department, Congress, Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Military Command Center, and various government organizations in the Pentagon.• Researched reference sources and strategies to help develop timelines and manage multiple work requests simultaneously under clear objectives and deadlines required.• Led graphics team on strategic design process and product quality oversight for most sensitive Joint Directorate of Operations briefings for White House Enlisted Aides using PowerPoint presentations. • Generated high impact design products / projects such as posters, brochures, displays, digital publications, mounted and laminated intelligence charts / maps used for briefings, presentations, and welcoming official visitors. • Executed illustrated drawings in realistic and cartoon style with pen and ink, water color, pencils, art markers, and other art media. • Created and organized a large picture morgue from various reference sources resulting in extremely-high quality graphic products. Source.

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