IEEE Xplore Abstract – Geographical information systems and digital cartography in environment planning and development of …

Geographical information systems have evolved over the past thirty years keeping pace with the ever-clumping computing facilities. Today it is possible to operate almost all components required for GIS development from the desktop PC. GIS incorporates thematic mapping with techniques to use raster maps that have been rectified, geo-referenced and digitized to provide accurate vector data of a study area thus allowing intelligent and reasonably credible inference by its users. For such goals and the processes involved therein, sophisticated software including AutoCAD Map, ERDAS IMAGINE and ArcGIS are vital tools available in the industry. It is possible to conveniently develop customized GIS solution for almost any domain dealing with a geographic location and requiring spatial analysis. The work presented in this paper discusses the methods that may be employed to conveniently develop a GlS application with cartographic functions for automation of tasks dependent on accurate mapping in environmental planning and development. A GlS based solution has been developed for an environment planning authority with an objective to present a model work using GIS technologies focused around improving city planning, development and management in Pakistan. The model can be used for meeting water requirements, fault diagnosis and corrective actions by water management authority. As the geo-referenced data was readily available for Islamabad hence the case study is focused around it. Source.

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