IEEE Xplore Abstract – The implementation of campus 3D electronic map based on SketchUp and ArcGIS

At present the development of geographic information system has gradually shifted from 2D to 3D. With the urgent need of 3D geographic information system in the fields of petroleum, geology, town planning, marine, and environmental, how to construct 3D digital map efficiently and easily is the key technology to establish 3D Geographic Information. Implementation method of 3D digital map based on SketchUp and ArcGIS greatly reduces the time and cost of building 3D digital map with its simplicity and quickness, and speed up the application of 3D Geographic Information System technology. This method can be widely used in the construction of 3D scene on campus, 3D shows of the overall effect of residential communities, and the realization of 3D electronic map in small and medium sized cities. Source.

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