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Drawing a waving flag in illustrator can be a tricky and challenging process for a new beginner. In this adobe illustrator tutorial, we will learn how to draw a vector waving flag effect of the United States of America. You will first need to create the 2D flag using Transform tools and we will move on to create the wave effect using 3D Distort Tools. 1. Let’s open a new document in Illustrator (File >, New) and select the size 500 x 350 px. (but you can choose any size you want). If you want to use it for printing you should choose CMYK color mode. 5. Select all even rectangles (press Command) and change fill for the white. Group all rectangles (Command + G). 6. Select the Rectangle Tool (M). Create a rectangle 250 x 196 px, draw a dark blue fill and without stroke. Select all of objects and align them horizontal left and vertical top. Group all objects (Command + G). 9. Duplicate the star 5 times. Use Command + D. Using this techniques to create 50 stars. Group all stars (Command + G) and place over a dark blue rectangle. Select all and group. 12. Select a flag and drag it in the symbols palette. Select the 3D object, open Appearance palette and double click on 3D Extrude & Bevel. Open Map Art in a dialogue window and select New Symbol 1. Click on Scale to Fit. 13. Select the 3D object, go to Object >, Expand Appearance. Select Direct Selection Tool (A) and make a gradient for the red strips. 16. Select the Rectangle Tool (M). Create a rectangle 500 x 350 px. Place a rectangle over a flag. Select both object and click crop on the pathfinder palette. 17. Create a new background layer below the flag. Select the Rectangle Tool (M). Create a rectangle 500 x 350 px without stroke and fill it with radial gradient. In this tutorial, we have explored on drawing a waving flag. With this technique, it is possible to recreate flags of the different countries. [The article is for Basic Members only. Login or sign up now to read the whole article.] [The article is for Premium Members only. Login or sign up now to read the whole article.] Just use the Pen Tool or Pencil Tool to draw a line. Pen Tool might be hard for beginner, you can check out how to use Pen Tool in my crash course. I suggest you video about Waving Flag of the USA so better the video. because not bright it.. Please help me video.. Awesome. Used it to create a pirate flag with pretty stellar results. Because I wasn’t using the stripes, I just used the pen tool to create my gradient shading. It’s a bit sloppy and I’ve got some jagged edges on the bottom. Not too worried for my current usage. Results are up here: In step 12 you need to add the flag symbol and scale to fit to each surface in the top right hand corner of the map art window. Click through the arrows and do each one. Well done I coulde create like your one, anyhow I highly appreciate your effort here, thanks once again. in Step 12 you should change the surface in map art dialog box, click the arrow button before get the symbol till correct surface come & you will see some highlighted red lines all over the flag (if preview button on) , when reach the correct surface, then you can get the symbol, afterthat follow the instruction regard this tutorial……. STEP 12: how do you select a 3d object? Illustrator can only fill one shap with the symbol, so you have 5 different symbols on each part of the flag In step 12, the entire flag get’s placed over each surface causing the flag pattern to repeat its stars and stripes multiple times. How do you get one flag to appear over the entire surface? This tut is extremely confusing. I know my way around all Adobe programs, and after step 12 the entire tut falls apart. I would highly sugest updating this, and making it much more newbie friendly… Vector Diary is a popular blog offering great illustrator tutorials and tips. It was created by Tony Soh, a graphic designer, who has great passion in illustration. Tony has written one of the most popular tutorial to learn illustrator and has helped more than 20,000 people. On top of that, his tutorials and tips has helped designers improve their illustration skills and have received great feedback. So join Vector Diary and start learning today! Get paid $150 for each approved tutorials! Any writers who are passionate about sharing their illustrator techniques can contribute. Learn how » Source.

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