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I work in a firm where some people like to use illustrator and some like to use freehand. I know I personally don't like freehand there are only a few functional features, but in general it doesn't make up for the fact is so buggy. Anyway, Does anyone know much about making the files work together? I mean sometimes it work to save legacy as version 8 illustrator or eps. then try to open them in freehand, but gradients and clipping paths as well as well as blending modes do not transfer well. Same goes for if you are in freehand going back to illustrator, clipping paths, Lens fills (blending modes) don't transfer well. Does anyone know a few trick i could do to help me transfer files over with those elements in them? I can go into more detail if this is confusing. The lengthy answer: It sounds like you've hit the glass ceiling in making the two behave and be friends. Lens fills and the rest that you mentioned above will never translate from one to the other in a vector environment. Strange thing is that I sometimes get lens fills to transfer to Photoshop depending on how they are used and which way the wind is blowing. I try to stay away from funky blends, lens fills, custom lines and all those other goodies that don't translate well when designing unless I know that I'll never need to transfer the art to another app. As a side-note, I've encountered imagesetter and RIP issues with these same design elements in the past as well. i quit freehand recently. too many bugs and no update in more than 3 years. to transfer stuff from freehand ->, illustrator i usually use the PDF format. if u cant get it right using PDF is very hard to get it right in something else. EPS in freehand is plain rubbish. sometimes .AI works so, 1st choice PDF, then .AI ver. 7 its more a game of trial and error. nobody has the interest to make perfect export plugins. maybe the PDF export gets more accurate if u use the full Acrobat suite with the virtual printer. -------------------------------------------------- the best often die by their own hand just to get away, and those left behind can never quite understand why anybody would ever want to get away from them As the rip goes, yes freehand really ummm nicely put 'screws up' when it is RIP. We have 2 epson stylus, 3000 and the new 4800 pro, on both of them when you try to go in advanced setting and have freehand automaticlly try to play the image on the page it always way off, whenever we have gradients made in freehand it crashs the rip sever unless converted to images. Acrobat has many issues with freehand's version of clipping masks. a lot of times it disregards the mask completely and just shows the fill item that was clipped. Acrobat also hates groups withiin groups within groups. after about the 3rd subgroup it just seems to throw away the information. I have had much better luck with exporting and choosing pdf then using virtual printer. As far as lens fills and stuff our designers do complicated illustrations, 150 layers with subgroups and blending modes and effects. It really hard for them to get the look without blending, and everyone has their way of drawing so there is no way for them to simplify their files. And they are both stubborn might as well draw a line of chalk in the office this side illustrators this side freehand :). I have had this issue with them for years now no one seems to want to change i was just curious if anyone did a lot of flip flopping between the two applications. Well, since Freehand has been dealt a death sentence by the Adobe acquisition, I'm sure the issue will resolve itself in a matter of time. :) Pick a pre-made design from a collection of 50,000+ logos that will be customized to your business name for free. Source.

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