Image with a Map Projection (Using IDL) | Exelis VIS Docs Center / Docs Center / Using IDL / Graphics / Graphics Gallery / Images / Image with a Map Projection This example demonstrates how to download a map image from OpenStreetMap and display the image in the correct map projection. Use the IDLnetURL object to create a map using the OpenStreetMap staticMapLite API, then save the map image as a PNG: Both the Google Maps API and the OpenStreetMap API provide static map images in the Mercator projection with a spherical ellipsoid of radius 6,378,137 meters. To correctly display these map images in IDL, convert the center longitude/latitude and map zoom factor into the bounding box for the image, in meters. Now that the bounding box is in meters (image coordinates), you have the information you need to construct the map. Use the image bounding box to specify the image location and dimensions. Source.

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