Question Many manufacturers post drawings of their products for download in a PDF format. Is it possible to import a PDF drawing into AutoCAD? Forum Responses (CAD Forum) From contributor E: Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you need to be able to modify or interact with the drawings directly inside AutoCAD there are a couple of limited options. The first being AutoCAD 2010 or 2009 (with PDF Subscription Bonus Pack) can attach PDFs and let you snap and interact with the geometry of them IF (big if) the PDF was generated with a decent PDF printer driver directly from the software the drawing was produced in. Scanned in PDF's don't work. The other option is the slew of available third party tools that claim varying degrees of success at importing PDF's into AutoCAD as DXF's or similar. From some brief trials of them, I haven't seen one that’s really worth bothering with, let alone they aren't cheap typically for not being very good. Your best bet is still to request a DXF or DWG from the original source. Some companies are pretty good about providing them if you simply ask (assuming they have them). Source.

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