We manually convert cartoon artwork to vector format and can also colorize them. Click on the thumbnail to view the image. Are your customers coming to you with paper sketches, film or scans of logos and want you to deliver a new stencil? Or is it a 'rush hour' job and you dont have enought time?? Relax .... We specialise in Stencil Vectorization. The original image can be scanned and sent to us. We manually vectorise the image and can also colorize as necessary. Conversion of maps, buildings, siteplans, apartment plans, building plans and evacuation maps to vector in 2d & 3D Our experienced artists can create a caricature from a photograph. We have converted many characters to caricatures for walkthroughs and games. Why vector? Who can use this service? Vector Formats Workflow The Graphic below depicts the workflow for single orders. The artworks can be sent to us via email. We accept payments via paypal and creditcards. 'Reference in this site to any photos or images in the portfolio, process or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer or otherwise, does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation or favouring by us. They are only to show our digital capabilities.' Source. Looking for vector maps of Germany (Deutschland Vektorkarten) for Adobe Illustrator?."

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