Information about Digiatlas vector formats maps

The maps for sale at DIGIATLAS.COM are vectorized using the digitalization of different cartographic bases with correction and update. Each map is organized into separate layers. Each layer is determined by geographic information, such as: coastline, administrative borders, lakes, names, etc.. Each layer can be seen separately, which allows you to make different layer combinations in order to create new maps. Also you can modify all or part of the contents of each layer, without altering the remaining others. This allows you to change colors and forms, to add or erase names, whichever other type of graphic element you choose. The maps are prepared to be used in illustrations, with the goal of bettering the aspect and presentation of them. They are most useful for editorials, graphics, professional presentations, schoolwork, magazines, computer applications, multimedia, web pages, marketing, and in all places where maps may potentially better the appearance of these projects. It is a good idea to always have at hand the ability to acquire an editable map, to save time and the trouble each time it is required for a project. To edit the maps it is necessary to have any graphic application. The maps of are compatible with the majority of the standard applications in the market, such as: Source.

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