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The aim of the course is to introduce principles of computer graphics, color models and graphical filetypes to students, to give them basics of vector and bitmap based graphical editors (Corel and Photoshop), animation making, presentations and text processing. Student will receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills he will use in further study, project and seminar papers elaboration, and conducting of diploma thesis. 1. Color models, color spaces. Vector and bitmap graphics. Formats. 2. Vector graphics: basic concepts of vector graphics, vector graphics tools, indicators, types of views, layers, drawing curves and objects, select, move and change the basic objects. Transforming objects, mirror, rotate, size, and chamfer, molding, copy, duplicates, grouping and combining, change the order of objects 3. Alignment and positioning of objects, snapping to guides, grid and objects. Accurate drawing. Fills and outlines, interactive network filling, trim - container (clipping mask) 4. Perspective, switch, cover, extension, shadow, transparency, vector objects and other effects 5. Art and Multiline text, text on the warp, symbols, matching the text, combining text with graphics from the database, import, export, publish to PDF, using the tablet when working with vector graphics. 6. Bitmap graphics: basic concepts of bitmap graphics, a new image, desktop, resolution, tools, basic types of display, color and tone, from the levels of the curves, color replacement, using brushes, layers, selections, paths, masks, channels, layers, sets, effects, styles, clipping groups, selections, fills, path (outline) 7. Guides and grids, masks, quick mask, channels, layer masks, transparency, text, text layers, drawing, collecting and moving objects, grouping objects, transform, resize canvas, rotate and flip the image, clipping, gradients, lightness, darkness, sharpness, saturation, drawing, retouching: clones, and patches retouching brush, filters and effects, import and export images from scanner, images from a digital camera, using the tablet when working with bitmap graphics 8. Automate text processing and graphics. Create photo galleries. 9. Bitmap and vector graphics on the Web 10. Digital video: basic concepts of digital video project videoprogram, clip, working environment, editing modes, codec, compression, file formats, color depth, image size, data rate, layering, audio, editing, keyframe and rendering, titles, capturing and import clips, export videos, transitions, transparency, effects, advanced editing techniques 11. Vector animation, creating vector animations, layers, timeline, scenes, images, key images, objects, symbols, libraries, guide lines, grids, rulers, transparency, hue, import, publishing, animation in animation, masks. ActionScript Basics 12. Creating pdf files in Acrobat 9 Pro (file can contain animation video, 3D graphics, etc.) 13. Charts in Excel. Source.

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