Is it possible to open Adobe Illustrator files from last close? –

Say you have three files open in Adobe Illustrator, but you exit out of the program. Is there a way that you can have those three files opened back up when you open up Illustrator again? Similar to how most text editor programs are set up -- so when you open up the program again all your last stayed-open files are there. Also, does anyone know what the terminology for this saving-behavior is? State-saving? Googling to find the answer is difficult within the sea of Illustrator 'saving files' questions. 1) If necessary, sort the linework to layers based on the attributes you want the GIS data to have. The layer names will end up in a field 'Layer' in the converted data, so be as descriptive as possible. 2) Curves in Illustrator must be converted to lines before export. Use Object>,Path>, 'Add Anchor Points' command to add nodes to the curves (may need to invoke several times), and Object>,Path>, 'Simplify' command to convert to lines. 4) View in ArcGIS, and export the data to a shapefile then use the Spatial Adjustment tool (does not work with a personal/file geodatabases) 5) Use the Spatial Adjustment toolbar in an edit session to match the linework to points on a known projection (the ArcGIS Help has quite a bit about this). You can match as many points as you wish, and you can choose the method ArcMap uses to align the data. While it may be possible to trick XeTeX into accepting .ai-files from Illustrator I would recommend against it. The in the .ai-file embedded pdf document is using a higher pdf version than the standard version of pdfTeX in most distributions but you can adjust this using pdfminoversion. Additionally the file is much larger and I am not sure if XeTeX would be able to throw out the unnecessary parts, so that your final document would also wasting lots of space. Exporting it from Illustrator as a PDF/X files has worked nicely for me with many documents and helps you to achieve a final document which is close to PDF/X and won't give you any troubles with printing or different readers. Source.

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