iWindsurf.com – Hart/Miller Current Wind

is a qualitative measure of a particular weather station's value to users of that station's data. You should rate an individual station according to how valuable that weather station is to you relative to other weather stations. It is not a rating of the weather station's accuracy or reliability, but of how valuable a weather station is to your overall pursuit of wind and weather information. Time displayed is based on Hart/Miller Island, MD local time. The wind graph displays observations as reported in miles per hour. The blue line and shaded area represents the average wind speed, the red represents gust value, and the green represents lull. Dots along the lines indicate time of data reported. The yellow arrows represent observed wind direction. An arrow pointing down indicates wind blowing from north to south, and is commonly referred as a 'north wind'. Note: frequency (and latency) of data is a function of the individual reporting station. Many non-WeatherFlow stations report data only once per hour. Check sensor notes for information on data source. Please read and understand Source.

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