j.b.krygier: geography 353: Map Production

...to Geog 353 Main Page and Course Description ...to Geog 353 Syllabus ...to Geog 353 Course Schedule and Lecture Outlines ...to Geog 353 Laboratory Information and Student Projects ...to Geog 353 Main Page and Course Description ...to krygier teaching page. ...to krygier top page. Computer hardware and software for the capture, storage, retrieval, analysis, and output (paper or digital display) of spatial data. Maps play a vital role in the analysis (visualization) and display components of GIS. computer set up with graphics and page layout capabilities connected to print quality output device (all on one desktop) all computer operations necessary to digitally assemble the map's component parts (base maps, data, lettering, symbols, etc.) and to produce final output specific way the information has been stored in the file with codes which tell how to interpret the file. Many different graphic file formats common vector formats include: ArcGIS (.shp, .lyr), PostScript (.ps), Keyhole Markup Language (.kml, compressed as .kmz) Source.

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