JPG to EPS – Quality Vinyl Stickers Come From Quality Files

The trick to high quality and good looking vinyl stickers begins with a quality vector file. Even with a quality vector file ideal for print or display, there ... Begin by selecting the image you would like a vinyl sticker of. Note that the lower the contrast or the greater the detail, the greater the challenge. Included ... From the File menu, select 'Import'. Select the image you downloaded, then click and drag to define the region where you would like the image to be placed. With out image selected, go to the 'Bitmaps' menu, go to 'Outline Trace', and select 'Low Quality Image...'. The reason we select Low Quality Image is because the ... 'Delete original image' because it will no longer be used. 'Remove Background' with automatic color selection, but do NOT 'Remove color from entire image'. 'Merge adjacent objects of the same ... Next, go to the color tabs. Select all the colors / areas that you want to make one color. In Corel Draw X5, multiple colors can be selected ... At the bottom of the window next to merge is the 'edit' button that allows us to specify exactly what colors these areas should be. Select the color ... Next, we want to define what the shape of each of our color layers are going to be. Cutting the black to the shape in the original image ... Next, if the 'Object Properties' toolbar is not already open on the right, you can open it now by right clicking on the selection and clicking 'Properties'. In ... Now that our base is finished, we can put the layers back together again. At this point since both the objects are the same size and overall shape, ... It may appear as though we are finished, but there is one final issue: we only need the one simple black layer and not the complex black layer ... IT IS VERY NICE TO SAW THIS BUT SOME THINGS REMAIN CANT UNDERSTOOD . IT IS ALSO MUCH COMFORTABLE IF YOU MAKE A VIDEO OF IT. HOPE NEXT TIME YOU WILL TEACH AGAIN WITH A VIDEO IT WILL MUCH HELPFUL FOR US. Source.

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