Knowledge Base – How can I change units of the map scale bar when the XY coordinates are in latitude and longitude degrees?

The map scale bar in is map units. This means when the map is in lat/long degrees, then the scale bar is also in degrees. You can manually change the units of the scale bar by calculating the equivalent distance in meters or feet (or whatever units you’d like). You can set a different increment by calculating a new Cycle Spacing and entering the new Label Increment. You can also use the attached Excel spreadsheet as a convenient conversion calculator. For an example, please see the attached Surfer 11 SRF file. You folks at Golden Software are SO great! What other software company responds like this? Christopher Klein I have been a customer since the late 1970's. Your software is always a pleasure to use. Jean Pierre St Maurice Department of Physics & Engineering Physics Copyright © 2016 Golden Software, LLC. All rights reserved. The names and logos for Surfer, Grapher, Voxler, MapViewer, Didger, Strater and Golden Software are registered trademarks of Golden Software, LLC. Source.

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