Knowledge Base – I am having a problem printing (e.g. ‘Out of global memory’ error or only a portion of the map prints, etc.).

The error message means the printer is out of memory and cannot print. This is also the case when only a portion of the map prints. You may be able to work around the problem by changing some of the printer settings. Different printer drivers have different settings, but here is a list of the most common remedies: If the remedies above do not help, please contact with the exact nature of the problem, your operating system (i.e. Windows7, 64-bit), the printer model, and the print driver version number. I am a hard-rock exploration geologist...morphing into some oil and gas work, and I can see that your package is better than any of the usual ones we typically use in hard rock. Waaaay better. And affordable. And better supported.Lauri Boivin Congratulations! Golden Software is an excellent example of a small but successful company. One does not have to be a large corporation to touch the lives of many people. You have done so with geophysicists, geologists, engineers, scientists, and many others. Dr. Jack Copyright © 2016 Golden Software, LLC. All rights reserved. The names and logos for Surfer, Grapher, Voxler, MapViewer, Didger, Strater and Golden Software are registered trademarks of Golden Software, LLC. Source.

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