Esta é a quarta revista digital realizada pelos alunos da turma de Multimédia. Foi elaborada maioritariamente pelos alunos Cátia Coutinho, André Prates e Vítor Bernar-do, mas também teve a ajuda dos colegas da turma e pro-fessores. ForYou Magazine is een luxe, trendy en regionaal magazine voor iedereen die is geïnteresseerd in Beauty, Health & Lifestyle. When the elephant herd must leave their grazing field, little Dill cannot be found and is left behind. The little elephant strikes out to find his family. He meets two musicians, a frog and a cricket, who invite him to join their band. Along the way he makes friend with musang, a civet cat. He meets a bear and some monkeys who helped him. The journey to find his parents is difficult, but Dill never gives up hope. A touching tale of friendship, determination and resilience. Source.

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