Launch of with Editable PowerPoint and Illustrator EPS Clip Art Maps

with editable PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator clip art maps. Collection includes: World, USA, States, County, Continent, Regions and Globe Maps. The collection of editable maps are designed for PowerPoint presentations, illustration, graphic design and website uses. Maps are royalty free and sell as individual maps, which the user can purchase and download for immediate use. Maps for Design Clip Art from Bruce Jones Design Inc., based in Norwood, MA, releases completely editable clip art, designed for use in business presentations, illustrations, graphic design and websites. The PowerPoint maps are full editable with every country, state, county or block of text an individual object that can be edited, or customized as needed for sales and marketing presentations. Each editable, outline map comes loaded into a PowerPoint slide for easy use. Maps are perfect for setting up sales and marketing territories, highlighting customer locations and enhancing any presentation. Adobe Illustrator eps maps are fully editable with all elements individual objects that are set up on layers and are easy to customize. Text is also live and full editable. Maps are compatible with Adobe Flash for web applications. Maps for Design’s collection includes, maps of the world, regions, continents, globes, countries, USA, Canada, states, and counties. Broken down by state or administrative districts these maps are perfect for sales and marketing presentations, setting up sales territories, highlight office and customer locations. Easy to customize and edit for novice or experienced PowerPoint or Illustrator users. Maps range in price from $39.95 to $49.95. Maps are available for download to customer’s desktops or on a backup CD-ROM. Sample versions available for downloading at the company’s website was developed in 2007 by Bruce Jones Design Inc. Bruce Jones Design develops and markets royalty free electronic digital vector clip art maps for presentations, illustrations, graphic design and web since 1990. The company is also the founder of clip art maps subscription website, Source.

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