Lecture 18 – Transform to Align Distribute, Corel Draw 12 in Urdu / Hindi, Corel Draw Course Video Lectures / Tutorials

Coral Draw is a graphic designing software which is used for creating brousher, calender, visiting cards, greeting, company`s pattern, cover page, magazine`s cover page, logos, monograms and other graphic tasks. admission form, adjust to power clip, bag label, bitmap to color mask, bitmap to end, certificate designing, combine to conver, duplicate to select all, edit menu to paste special, file menu to print, file to end, fit text to path to end, format to insert character, inpage work in corel, label baqya, layout menu, monograms, order to ungroup, page show to end, pen tool, pick tool, polygon tool, polyline tool, practical work tools, print merge to print setup, roughen tool, ruler to guidelines, shape tool, smudge tool, spiral tool, symbol, transform to align distribute, transparency tool, visiting card, zoom hand tool Source.

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