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This is the page with our 5.0 release notes. It should be final now the 5.0 version itself has been released. However, might you spot some missing information, then we would appreciate to hear from you. Thanks in advance for your help! Modern graphical operating systems have default Unicode 6 support with several Emojis and other useful special characters. LibreOffice 5 has got a new AutoCorrect extension to simplify Emoji and other Unicode character input using de facto standard Emoji shortcodes, and other keywords surrounded by colons. For example: typing the following shortnames in Writer, :keyboard: will be replaced by ⌨ (U+2328), :camera: by ? (U+1F4F7), :alpha: by α. See full shortcode list in Tools ▸ AutoCorrect ▸ AutoCorrect Options… ▸ Replace: The colon-separated names are handled specially by AutoCorrect feature of LibreOffice: they are replaced immediately within words, too (no need to press space after words). This is useful to add custom character replacements for typography, phonology, mathematics etc. Some of them are there in the default replacements: The default shortcodes have been localized completely or partially for the first version of LibreOffice 5.0. (László Németh, Collabora and translators of LibreOffice project: Mihail Balabanov (Bulgarian), Joan Montané (Catalan), Mihovil Stanić (Croatian), Stanislav Horáček (Czech), Leif Lodahl (Danish), Kees538 (Dutch), Harri Pitkänen (Finnish), Jean-Baptiste Faure (French), Dimitris Spingos (Greek), László & Réka Németh (Hungarian), Valter Mura (Italian), Ingmārs Dīriņš (Latvian), Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Norwegian Nynorsk), Sérgio Marques (Portuguese), Olivier Hallot (Brazilian Portuguese), Nagy Ákos (Romanian), Bormant (Russian), Miloš Šrámek (Slovak), Martin Srebotnjak (Slovenian), Stuart Swales (British English), Niklas Johansson (Swedish), Necdet Yucel (Turkish) and their contributors, see also more) Styles & Formatting deck of the Sidebar now displays a preview of the available styles. core commit ca95307638207db5d662059aa61594151a13e927 (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora) It is now possible to crop an image with the mouse. Action is accessible through contextual menu entry : Crop image, Format ▸ Image ▸ Crop menu entry and Graphic toolbar. tdf#34555 (Philippe Jung) Another issue inherited from—which caused Writer’s status bar to display the incorrect page number when scrolling—has been fixed in LibreOffice. Writer will now update the page indicator when less than the 43% of a page is visible on-screen. tdf#90150 i#80672 Thanks to: Hamidi Massinissa. Additional improvements have gone into the “Standard”, “Formatting”, “Drawing” and contextual toolbars to provide users with frequently used commands. tdf#81475 (Yousuf Philips) Import of annotated text ranges from binary DOC format was a problem for quite some time, now it should be as good as it always was in the ODT/DOCX/RTF filter. i#93570 blog entry (Miklós Vajna, Collabora) Improved support for the arcTo command in OOXML shapes described using drawingML. tdf#87448 blog entry (Miklós Vajna, Collabora) In case RSIDs are not useful in a workflow, they can now be disabled in Tools ▸ Options ▸ Writer ▸ Comparison. tdf#68183 (Miklós Vajna, Collabora) In the vector-based LibreLogo, now it’s possible to join arbitrary number of points using the command POINT with CLOSE and FILL in PENUP mode. Additional improvements have gone into the “Standard”, “Formatting” and contextual toolbars to provide users with frequently used commands. tdf#85594 (Yousuf Philips) New icons by Alexander Wilms, Adolfo Jayme Barrientos and Yousuf Philips have been integrated into the main Tango theme. There are now fewer gaps, in which old-style Industrial icons were displayed. The user profile will be in the same location as your previous version of LibreOffice. That is for example: C:Users<,username>,AppDataRoamingLibreOffice4user or /home/<,username>,/.config/libreoffice/4/user . This takes away the need to automatically migrate an existing user profile with the installation of the new version. See commit and minutes of the ESC and tdf#93057. LibreOffice’s user interface has been completely translated into Guarani (avañe’ẽ), the native language of the Paraguayan people. This groundbreaking work confirms the innovation pace of the LibreOffice project towards facilitating the use of technology for as many people as possible, which is one of the ethos of The Document Foundation. Special thanks go to Giovanni Caligaris (who is leading this effort), András Tímar (Collabora), Christian Lohmaier, and Eike Rathke (Red Hat). We aim to support as many languages as possible. We would like to thank the following people for volunteering to translate LibreOffice and help preserving their native tongues: Source.

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