Linux Certif – Man v.transform.1grass(1)

Example for a points file of a linear transformation from XY to UTM coordinates (L: left, R: right, U: upper, L: lower, N, S, W, E): # Linear transformation from XY to UTM coordinates: # 4 maps corners defined # UL NW # UR NE # LR SW # LL SE -584 585 598000 4920770 580 585 598020 4920770 580 -600 598020 4920750 -584 -600 598000 4920750 Transformation parameters (i.e. xshift, yshift, etc.) can be fetched from attribute table connected to the vector map. In this case vector objects can be transformed with different parameters based on their category number. If the parameter cannot be fetched from the table, default value is used instead. Most DXF/DWG drawings are done within XY coordinate space. To transform them to a national grid, we can use 'v.transform' with a 4 point transformation. v.transform -t in=watertowerXY out=watertowerUTM points=wt.points zscale=0.04 zshift=1320 Source.

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