The plot region can be specified in two different ways. (a) Extreme values for each dimension, or (b) coordinates of lower left and upper right corners. Geographic map border using separate selections for annotation, frame, and grid intervals. Formatting of the annotation is controlled by the parameter Linear Cartesian projection axis. Long tickmarks accompany annotations, shorter ticks indicate frame interval. The axis label is optional. We used Logarithmic projection axis using separate values for annotation, frame, and grid intervals. (top) Here, we have chosen to annotate the actual values. Interval = 1 means every whole power of 10, 2 means 1, 2, 5 times powers of 10, and 3 means every 0.1 times powers of 10. We used 5. (bottom) Here, intervals refer to projected values, allthough the annotation uses the corresponding unprojected values, as in Map using the intermediate resolution coastline data. We have added a compass rose just because we have the power to do so. Tsunami travel times from the Canary Islands to places in the Atlantic, in particular New York. Should a catastrophic landslide occur it is possible that New York will experience a large tsunami about 8 hours after the event. Source.

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