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GIS software encompasses a broad range of applications which involve the use of a combination of digital maps and georeferenced data. GIS software can be sorted into different categories.[1] The development of open source GIS software has—in terms of software history—a long tradition[2] with the appearance of a first system in 1978. Numerous systems are available which cover all sectors of geospatial data handling. Apart from Desktop GIS exists a variety of other GIS software types. For its categorization see GIS software. A general overview of GIS software projects for each category was done in 2012.[4] Below is a similar listing of open source GIS projects. Note: Almost all of the below companies offer Desktop GIS and WebMap Server products. Some[which?] offer Spatial DBMS products as well. Many suppliers are now starting to offer Internet based services as well as or instead of downloadable software and/or data. These can be free, funded by advertising or paid for on subscription, they split into three areas: Source.

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