Loading Vectors from Images Gallery When you click on the tab Image a Vector Gallery opens and displays a divided pane. The top pane has three tabs that allows you to select the image you want to import. You can choose between: a) raster images, b) vectors c) all images. From the top pane navigate between folders, while the bottom pane dynamically displays the views of the images. Once identified, select and drag to the document workspace. You have the option to change the size of the vector in the time to take it to the main working window, using the same procedure as for raster images. Creating Vector Objects Images and Vectors With Stitch Era you can create vector figures in different ways: from the Ribbon Art as the Ribbon Vector you can choose Shapes to create, also you have the possibility to choose among freehand or Bezier curves. The geometrics figures available to insert are classified in closed figure, open figure and text figure. Also you can create manually vector figures with bezier curves or freehand. Closed Shapes Bézier: This tool is based on the sketch possibilities that allow Bezier curves FreeHand: To trace freely open figures, drawing directly in the working area. Also you can choose to create perfect figures where the application will improve automatically your outline. If you want to insert any of these shapes: select from the Artwork ribbon or Vector the one that adjust better to your needs. Press the left button of the mouse over the point area of the working area and drag without releasing, while doing this the shape will be showing in the area. Pressing the key Ctrl at the moment of dragging it will generate perfect squares (if you work with rectangles) or perfects circles (if you work with ellipses). Once the silhouette has the size and shape desired, release the mouse button. immediately after you create a figure, the same will be available for you to adjust the size and the shape. 3 - 17 Stitch Era – Users Manual Open Shapes The gallery of Open Figures displays organized in several categories to make easier the search and selection of a shape and among the categories proposed you can find angled corners and squared, borders, frames and finials. To insert any of the open figures: select from the ribbon Artwork or from the tab Vector the desired figure. Press the left button of the mouse on a point in the work area and drag without releasing, while you are dragging you can see the silhouette of the figure. Pressing the key Ctrl at the dragging time will generate provided figures. The open figures respond successfully to the path conversions with backstitch and path with hotfix, if you want to put other type of filling you have to edit them. Vectors based on TrueType texts Saving Vector Images to disk 3 – 18 Pressing this button opens a dialog box that allows you to type text or lines of text, including selecting the font and size, alignment and presentation. Press the green check. Press CTRL + Enter to create multi-line texts. You can work on vector figures and using the many tools that provides application to modify the vector graphics and then save directly from the application. Distribution tab >, Export button. Save the file under format. EMF, compatible with all programs working on vector graphics. When you import or open vector images composed of many vectors, you must ungroup to start editing each one of them. If these vector shapes are not removed before saving the document is saved with the design. This is useful to change in later editions created forms. Source. Looking for vector maps of Germany (Deutschland Vektorkarten) for Adobe Illustrator?."

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