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llustrations are fun and contemporary. Digital Illustration also known as vector illustrations can be used in a variety of producs such as Art Posters, Logos, promotional event product, Identity Marketing, Brochures, greeting cards, notecards, avatars, customer surveys cards. Digital Illustrations can be minimized, enlarge and manipulate digitally without loosing its detail and crispiness on the digital design perfect for merchandise products, tourist souvenir gifts, banners, the sky is the limit!. Commissioned illustrations vary in price considerably, depending on digital Illustration complexity, scale and type of technique used. Copyright and Reproduction Rights to all pictures and art paintings displayed on Los Cabos Art web pages are property of Ines Miller and respective artists ** unless specify in writting on item description as Royalty Free stock graphic design or Royalty free stock Photography. Image has been protected with Los Cabos Art watermark seal, your original art piece won't have the copyrighted inscription. Any form of alteration, reproduction , modification and the use from any of this images for advertisement purposes and web page display is prohibit without written agreedment by Los Cabos Art , Artist Ines Miller and/ or correspondent - respective artists . Source.

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