Macromedia Flash 8 free tutorial. Graphics (II)

image can be created with many programs. If you want bitmaps to be in your movies it's more likely that you prefer to create them and to make them more spectacular in another program, more appropriate than Flash for the handling of Bitmaps: Photoshop, Fireworks or Photopaint. Flash 8 allows us to import bitmaps from other programs, when they have been saved in graphic formats GIF, JPG, tiff and others. It also allows us to modify them in certain way. We can change the size and convert it into a symbol to take advantage of the options provided by Flash. Although, considering what a bitmap is, we will not be able to modify it 'internally' but we will be able to use it like one more symbol. The interface of Flash turns out very comfortable for draw. So it could be interesting to use Flash 8 to create a drawing and later to use it in other programs or for any other use. This is perfectly possible with Flash, since it allows us to export a Flash objects like bitmaps file. However, we must take into account, as we saw in the basic units, that most of the bitmaps doesn't allow animations, because of this, a Flash object must not contain animation because it will not be saved. You can just follow the steps of this clip (Note: it will be used as base of the animated graphics that we created in the paragraph of creating graphics, since the graphics are made frame by frame): Legal warning: Authorised on-line use only. It is not allowed the use of these courses in companies or private teaching centres. Source.

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