Macromedia's FreeHand MX is excellent program if you design for print, PDF, web and/or Flash output. It has strong illustration tool, smooth integration with other Macromedia web-centric products, and excellent multi page document handling. The interface has been revamped. One of the most important features in the program, the object panel, has been been greatly improved. The program also now allows multiple attributes or effects in a single object. And new powerful tools have been added such as a calligraphic pen, an eraser tool, and a connector tool. There is also a wealth of cool live effects such as editable drop shadows and bevels. Many of FreeHand's tools now feature enhanced interactivity. And the integration of FreeHand with other Macromedia programs is tighter. FreeHand MX is available for Macintosh and Windows. Price: $400, Upgrade $150. Macromedia has an excellent site to visit, with all sorts of information, freebies, tips, examples, and tutorials: With the FreeHand MX Object panel, you can now quickly inspect and change object properties—such as stroke, fill, and effect—in one centralized location. Additionally, the Object panel allows for the ordering of multiple attributes. Users can drag-and-drop attribute lists from the Object panel into the Styles panel to create or redefine styles. See the image to the left for an example of the object panel with the object properties. The FreeHand MX Action tool allows for assignment of ActionScript navigation commands between a source object and a target page by dragging and dropping a link between the source object and the page. Source.

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