in ArcMap, ENVI R, QGIS, Python including hotspot analysis, overlay analyses, change analysis, etc. with both vector and raster data formats of spatial and non-spatial datasets using ArcMap, ENVI, Excel, R, with experience in regression analysis, modeling future scenarios, & cluster analysis. And much more--If I don't already know it, no problem! I am eager to expand my knowledge and skills by solving new problems and can learn quickly. Merhaba! My name is Madeline Ruid and I graduated in May 2015 from UW-Madison with a B.S. in Physical Geogrpahy, Cartography/GIS, and Languages and Cultures of Asia (Turkish). I also earned a certificate in Envrionmental Studies. I am passionate about geography research relating to climate change, land use change, and ecological responses to change, and remote sensing. I also love solving questions through spatial and data analysis, and creating beautiful maps! I truly believe that GIS and data analysis are at the heart of solving any problem, and I love a challenge! I am currently seeking employment as a GIS analyst, data analyst or researcher. Source.

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