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I was looking for some new images for our web page and all of the plots I had were pretty much screen grabs. Not the high quality I was looking for. And putting a picture of Angelina behind a mode plot probably won’t go over too well, or will go over too well and will distract everyone. So I brought up the original models and started playing around trying to get a better quality image, and did pretty well. And, needing an article for this week, I thought I’d share what I found. If you don’t use MAPDL, skip on down to the ANSYS Mechanical bit. For my MAPDL plots I actually referred back to an old “The Focus” article I did in 2002. Yes, 2002. You can go back to that article for the details but here are the important bits below: There is a lot more you can do, like annotation, backgrounds, changing fonts, etc… But this covers the basics that everyone should know. Take a look at the original article and help on the following command for more: /PLOPT, /EDGE, /TRIAD, /LIGHT, /DEV,FONT, /TEXTRE, /GFORMAT, /ANNOT. Now things get a little different. In that MAPDL is old, older than some of you reading this article, it has some wicked cool tools that were put in there from the days when many of us didn’t even have a color monitor. Now the world is online and everything is about an 200pixel wide JPEG file to be uploaded onto Facebook, you don’t have as many options to get high quality images out of the Workbench interface. But the good news is that the default image, is better than most of the high quality ones you have to work for to get out of MAPDL. So, for a lot of cases, just doing a screen grab of your graphics window in ANSYS Mechanical is good enough. But if you want nicer plots, here are some suggestions: The above will work for most plots, but what to do if the image you get from screen grabs is just not good enough? Maybe you are on a laptop and you can’t get the resolution you need. I especially find this true when I want to view my mesh. This is the default I get with mesh on: The above will work for a single image but can be a pain if you want a bunch. For that we recommend that you leverage the Report Writer capability, even if you don’t want the report. The Report Writer makes an HTML report of everything in your Model tree. So if you put Figures in your tree, it will make those for you when you do a Report Preview, all in one nice little directory. Here is how to use it: And those are the high points. Like everything else, the help is your friend and has much more detailed information. And don’t be afraid to just try stuff out. Explore the options and settings, make lots of images. That worst thing that can happen is that you will create some files you need to delete. We hope this will help you make pretty pictures for your next report so that project guy won’t grill you on stuff he really doesn’t understand… Please note: There was an error in the APDL macro for making four mode shape plots on one image. After the end of the *do-loop where the annotation giving the mode number and frequency completes, you need to do a /replot. In older versions of ANSYS this was not needed but it looks like it is now. I’ve updated the code in the article to be correct. – Eric Tools->,Options->,Mechanical->,Report->,Figure Dimensions did not work, I typed in the numbers like 3600 4000 6000 10000 but it looks like above 2400px, whatever the number I typed in, the size of the resulting file does not change, i.e. the resolution does not increase. The command manual says /gfile has an upper bound of 2400 for z buffered pics. What is it exactly? I was trying to create bitmap pics. Source.

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