Manchester *.AI : Great Britain Vector map full printable editable Adobe Illustrator royalty free | Vector maps of cities and countries in Adobe Illustrator: editable, scalable, printable

Vectorial AI map of Manchester, Great Britain. This vector map is fully editable, you can change everything you want (colors, line thickness, objects, filling). Ready for printing. In Adobe Illustrator format, also available in [.DWG], [.PDF], [.EPS], [.CDR], [.DXF]. Royalty Free. We provide editable vector maps of Manchester in all possible vector formats: [.AI], [.DWG], [.PDF], [.EPS], [.CDR], [.DXF] You can edit all map data using different vector graphics editors like Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or CorelDraw, cropping, changing colors, fonts or borders, also adding your company logo or necessary objects. And also is a fully scalable map, no matter what size you need. Manchester vector map features (check the preview images): Highways with names, Major streets with names, Major Roads, Airports, Houses, Railway, Minor Roads, Private Roads, Cemeteries, Big and small Rivers, small streams also, Lake, ponds and other water bodies, Landmark fill, County Borders with fill, Parks. Prestwich, Pendlebury, Swinton, Droylsden, Failsworth, Denton, Dukinfield, Stretford, Sale, Urmston, Eccles, Salford, Worsley. You can: Mass select objects by type and color - for example, the objects type 'building' (they are usually dark gray) - and remove them from the map, if you do not need them in your print or design project. You can also easily change the thickness of lines (streets), just bulk selection the road by the line color. The streets are separated by type, for example, type 'residential road' are usually white with a gray stroke. Highway usually orange with a brown or dark gray stroke. All objects are divided by types: different types of roads and streets, polygons of buildings, landfills, urban areas, parks and more other. It is easy to change the font of inscriptions, all or each individually. Also, just can be make and any other manipulation of objects on the vector map in Adobe illustrator format. Important: All the proportions on the map are true, that is, the relative sizes of the objects are true, because Map is based on an accurate GPS projection, and It transated into the (usual for all) the Mercator projection. You can easily change the color, stroke and fill of any object on the map, zoom without loss of quality Image Verification. You can easily change the color, stroke and fill of any object on the map, zoom without loss of quality Image Verification. We develop maps of countries and cities in a variety of electronic and graphic formats for more than 10 years. Our maps used by the police and rescue services, urban services, many designers, printers, web designers across the globe. In addition, the company develops navigation applications for Android devices, maps for Garmin, LED lighting systems for highways and public areas, legal services, patent services. The company operates in the Dominican Republic, the US, Russia, Latvia and Estonia. more about Source.

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