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All tabs have very similar design. It use system called Dual screen. On the phones is always visible list of items merged into folders. By tapping on sub-item, you activate it and do main action with this sub-item. Every sub-item also contains Tools buttons. By the button you may do some special actions with selected sub-item. Mainly displaying information window. The window is standardly visible on the right side on the tablets or overlap whole screen on the phones. All tabs have it's own special features in the top Action Bar. But one item (in the top-right corner) is shared anyway: The list contains available Online maps grouped by providers/countries/usage. Tapping on the item, expand the group and show list of available Online maps. you can hide unwanted map in Map - advanced settings, Online maps, or in Tools menu next to every map To display map, simply tap on it in the list. In case you never used the map before, you'll see a confirmation window. Purpose is to notice you about limitations and restrictions of the map before you use it. The information window contains many interesting and important (mainly if you want download maps) values separated into three parts. On the top is overview of map (may not always display exactly how map really look) The global map description provided by map provider together with the credits (also visible on bottom of map screen) The tab contain list of all own offline maps, which you are able to use in the Locus. The list is generated from content of the Locus/maps directory and also from directories you added by Add button. The Locus currently support wide list of offline map formats, for more information read here List is automatically separating maps by directories, so separating maps into directories and using Add function, may bring big benefit in orientation in your offline maps Locus support Vector maps thanks to work of MapsForge community. Advantage of this solution is mainly, that Vector maps system is separate project with own team, so it can be improved independent on the Locus. For more information, read on MapsForge homepage. Information window show interesting information about the map file itself and also some meta-data contained in this file Source.

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