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Thomas Jefferson owned a copy of Charlevoix’s Histoire et description générale and recommended it, along with the accounts of Hennepin and Lahontan, as a “particularly useful species of reading.” He referred to Charlevoix’s book as he developed his own ideas of Louisiana and the Northwest. Includes the following maps & graphics: - Streets of greater width than 66 feet - Comparisons of Vehicular Traffic, 1915-1928 - Curve of Growth of Population - Barrier to Expansion of Downtown Area - Office Buildings Erected, 1922 to 1928 - Population map of Toronto Area - Arterial streets in Urban Zone - Federal Avenue as proposed in 1924 - Study No. 18. University Avenue Extension - Study No. 19. University Avenue Extension - Study No. 25. University Avenue Extension - Plan of Recommended Improvements in Downtown District - Plan of Cambrai Avenue - Plan on Proposed Arras Road - Proposed Muncipal Development on Queen Street - Gerrard & Elm Street widening - Victoria and Carlton Street Improvements - Eastern Avenue Extension to Front Street - Plan of the Central Area showing Improvements Proposed More ... 'The area enclosed in green shows the boundaries of Mackenzie as recommended in the Order-in-Council of Dec. 18 1897. As no subsequent legalization was had, these boundaries are without legal authority and are only used for convenience of description' To accompany: 'Place names in northern Canada/James White, 9th Report of the Geographic Board of Canada (Sessional Paper #21a, 1911).' More ... For further information and help, click on one of the links above, call us at 416.978.5589, or contact us. Our address is 130 St. George street, Toronto, ON M5S 1A5 Source.

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