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1. The world on Mercator's projection, showing principal trade routes 2. North Sea and Baltic Sea, showing early minefields in North Sea 3. North Atlantic, showing North American and Caribbean trade routes 4. Oriental trade routes 5. South American trade route, showing points of attack 6a. Gulf of Aden, showing capture of City of Winchester by Königsberg, Aug 6 1914 6b. Vicinity of Canaries, showing captures by Kaiser Wilhelm der Grösse, Aug. 15-16 1914 6c. Pacific Coast of North America, showing capture of Elsinore by Leipzig, Sep. 11 1914 6d. Gulf of Guayaquil, showing capture of Bankfields by Leipzig, Sep. 25 1914 7. Bay of Bengal and part of Indian Ocean, showing captures by Emden, September 10-October 30, 1914 8. Vicinity of Cape San Roque, showing captures by Karlsruhe, Dresden and Kronprinz Wilhelm, Aug. 15, to Oct. 27, 1914 9. Mid Atlantic, showing captures by Kronprinz Wilhelm and Prinz Eitel Friedrich More ... For further information and help, click on one of the links above, call us at 416.978.5589, or contact us. Our address is 130 St. George street, Toronto, ON M5S 1A5 Source.

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