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airportannotationbuilding scalebuilding symbolconcessionconservation areaconservation authortiy areaconservation reserverecontour, ogde contourscrown game preservecrown leased landdrainage linedrainage pointgeographic townshipland ownershiplotmine sitemiscellaneous linemiscellaneous pointmnr districtmnr regionMunicipal Boundaries 2005municipal lower tiermunicipal parkmunicipal upper tiernational parknational wildlife areango nature reserveobm dtm coverageobm dtm shapeobm indexpit or quarryprovincial park regulatedprovincial park zone regulatedrailway segmentroad segmentspot heightstanktowertrail segmenttransport linetransport pointunorganizedareautility linesutility siteswaterbody segmentwater edgewater structurewetland unitwoodedarea. If a layer you wish to use is not set up for download, please contact for access. More ... 1) originally based on a Urban Development Services Residential Communities map, based on planning areas in former municipalities, and existing Public Health neighbourhood planning areas, 4) where census tracts were combined to meet criteria 2 or 3 above, they were joined with the most similar adjacent area according to % of the population living in low income households, 5) respecting existing boundaries such as service boundaries of community agencies, natural boundaries (rivers), and man-made boundaries (streets, highways, railway tracks), 6) maintaining neighbourhood areas small enough for service organizations to combine them to fit within their service area, and 7) the final number of neighbourhood areas be �manageable� for the purposes of data presentation and reporting. More ... For further information and help, click on one of the links above, call us at 416.978.5589, or contact us. Our address is 130 St. George street, Toronto, ON M5S 1A5 Source.

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