Web sites also need very small size country and continent maps. Here you find a map of Europe. This map with its watermark can be used in any website without any fees. To download a bigger free Europe map, click.. Click on this map of Australia / Oceania to see a bigger map which also shows the International Date line. You can see that the date line has been adjusted to accomodate islands of Kiribati to have the same date. This map of African continent shows the new country of South Sudan. Africa a huge continent has suffered on all counts, even in mapping when Mercator projection was designed to show it in much smaller size than it actually is. Here is a thematic map for you. It is a generic map to show rough climatic variation in Canada. Such theme maps can be made for different needs. And can be used both in print or web. You found a torn old map of American Civil War while rummaging through old documents. Now you want to write a Facebook post with a map with old boundaries, a great idea. Just write to us... You would wonder, why do I need route maps? A click on Google maps and it plots the route. But you don't want to lose a unique visit on your site to Google maps. A small map which gives the business location and route will be great. Many times you need maps of states, countries, world in presentations. Our maps can be zoomed without any loss of detail. These maps are vector, so change color, apply matching fills and the PPT file is very small too. Click to download a sample PPT... Internet research says that every third website is launched from USA and half use some type of USA map. We have many designs of USA maps, just send a mail to promapper@gmail.com for your unique style and design needs... Here is a fun colorful map of US counties. Such maps can be done for USA states, world or any other country too. If you have a funny bone and want spice in your website, allow me to do the thinking for you... Source.

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