MapTools Projections CLASS NAME ID STRING Cylindrical Balthasart Cylindrical balthsrt Cylindrical Behrmann Cylindrical behrmann Cylindrical Bolshoi Sovietskii Atlas Mira* bsam Cylindrical Braun Perspective Cylindrical* braun Cylindrical Cassini Cylindrical cassini Cylindrical Central Cylindrical* ccylin Cylindrical Equal Area Cylindrical eqacylin Cylindrical Equidistant Cylindrical eqdcylin Cylindrical Gall Isographic giso Cylindrical Gall Orthographic gortho Cylindrical Gall Stereographic* gstereo Cylindrical Lambert Cylindrical lambcyln Cylindrical Mercator Cylindrical mercator Cylindrical Miller Cylindrical* miller Cylindrical Plate Carree pcarree Cylindrical Transverse Mercator tranmerc Cylindrical Trystan Edwards Cylindrical trystan Cylindrical Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) utm Cylindrical Wetch Cylindrical* wetch Pseudocylindrical Apianus II* apianus Pseudocylindrical Collignon collig Pseudocylindrical Craster Parabolic craster Pseudocylindrical Eckert I* eckert1 Pseudocylindrical Eckert II eckert2 Pseudocylindrical Eckert III* eckert3 Pseudocylindrical Eckert IV eckert4 Pseudocylindrical Eckert V* eckert5 Pseudocylindrical Eckert VI eckert6 Pseudocylindrical Flat-Polar Parabolic flatplrp Pseudocylindrical Flat-Polar Quartic flatplrq Pseudocylindrical Flat-Polar Sinusoidal f latplrs Pseudocylindrical Fournier fournier Pseudocylindrical Goode Homolosine goode CLASS NAME ID STRING Pseudocylindrical Hatano Assymmetrical Equal Area hatano Pseudocylindrical Kavraisky V kavrsky5 Pseudocylindrical Kavraisky VI kavrsky6 Pseudocylindrical Loximuthal* loximuth Pseudocylindrical Modified Sinusoidal (Tissot)* modsine Pseudocylindrical Mollweide mollweid Pseudocylindrical Putnins P5* putnins5 Pseudocylindrical Quartic Authalic quartic Pseudocylindrical Robinson* robinson Pseudocylindrical Sinusoidal sinusoid Pseudocylindrical Wagner IV wagner4 Pseudocylindrical Winkel I* winkel Conic Equal Area Conic (Albers) eqaconic Conic Equidistant Conic eqdconic Conic Lambert Conformal Conic lambert Conic Murdoch I Conic* murdoch1 Conic Murdoch III Minimum Error Conic* murdoch3 PolyConic Polyconic polycon PolyConic Van Der Grinten I* vgrint1 PseudoConic Bonne bonne PseudoConic Werner werner Azimuthal Breusing Harmonic Mean* breusing Azimuthal Equal Area Azimuthal (Lambert) eqaazim Azimuthal Equidistant Azimuthal* eqdazim Azimuthal Globe globe Azimuthal Gnomonic* gnomonic Azimuthal Orthographic* ortho Azimuthal Stereographic stereo Azimuthal Universal Polar Stereographic ups Azimuthal Vertical Perspective* vperspec Pseudoazimuthal Wiechel Equal Area* wiechel Modified Azimuthal Aitoff* aitoff Modified Azimuthal Briesemeister* bries Modified Azimuthal Hammer* hammer HELP for Mapping MATLAB Toolbox help map for computational functions mapdemos for a list of Mapping Toolbox demos maps lists all Mapping Toolbox map projections by class, name, and ID string. maplist returns a structure describing all Mapping Toolbox map projections. projlist to list map projections supported by projfwd and projinv help functionname for help on a specific function, often including examples helpwin functioname to see the output of help displayed in the Help browser window instead of the Command Window doc functionname to read a function’s reference page in the Help browser, including examples and illustrations Source.

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