Key Qualifications ----------------------------- • Professional experienced with 7+ years of diverse GIS analysis, development practice in national and international organizations and projects of UNDP, World Bank, NCDOT and UNISDR • Strong background in GIS projects relating to climate change, disaster management, spatial planning, natural and water resource management, knowledge management, and capacity development • Practical knowledge on scrum/agile methodology, testing frameworks, remote sensing, database workflow, project management, scientific/technical writing, documentation, presentation, & collaboration. • Experience in coordinating project team through client’s requirement analysis, solution design, project data collection, system development, and technical presentation preparation. • Proficient in ESRI’s ArcGIS mapping, visualization & analysis tools, extensions, geocoding, model builder as well as data collection, processing, and QA/QC processes (data reviewer, workflow manager). • Experience on ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Online, geo-triggers, VGI, SharePoint and programming in python (arcpy, numpy, gdal), C#, Java, html, CSS, JSON, JavaScript(jQuery, Dojo, ArcGIS API), and PHP • Strong familiarity with RDBMS technologies like MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and other spatial DB. • Extensive participation in ESRI and other professional IT trainings, Conferences, and summits. Computer Software Skills ---------------------------------------- ? GIS Skills: ArcGIS 10.x-8.x, ArcGIS Online, CityEngine, ArcGIS server, ArcSDE, ArcGIS JavaScript API WebApp Builder, ArcGIS Viewer for Flex, Model Building, Scripting Business and Technology Application Analyst - Advanced, Spatial Data Management Group North Carolina Department of Transportation (05/2015 - Present) • Designing and maintaining spatial database systems to support GIS analysis and application development. • Provide direct support of GIS Unit functions, specifically by contributing input, informal training, database design, database implementation, project planning, and workflow optimization. • Working with customers to gather requirements of databases, scheduling meetings and tasks, working with technicians to guide work efforts, resolve technical issues, and reporting progress to the project team. • Responsible for maintaining database integrity, migrating data, tracking database changes, reviewing metadata, processing change requests, programming scripts, and updating documentation. • Ensuring QAQC for linear referencing system including but not limited to establishing data checks, configuration of tools, deploying services, batch quality control/ assurance procedures and access control. • Responsible for the management of the GIS unit workflow management solution including establishing workflows, configuration of databases, liaison to business units, scripting of workflow procedures, reengineering of existing business processes, deploying online solutions and reporting. Source.

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