Matt Casey’s Blog: GIS 3015: Introduction to CorelDraw

This week we were tasked with taking a map from ArcGIS and using CorelDraw to turn it into something worthy of publication. This was a very fun and informative process. A map of Florida was provided that contained shapefiles for counties, major cities, and bodies of water. This map was exported in the form of an Encapsulated Post Script (.EPS) file and this file was then imported into CorelDraw. The advantage of this filetype over an image file is that the .EPS file's individual graphical elements can be manipulated. Once the map was arranged appropriately, visual customization began. A Find and Replace function was used to change the color of individual city markers in a simplified manner. Text boxes and images were inserted to show the state seal, animal, and map. The background color was changed from white to a peach color that seemed to conform to the color scheme of the rest of the map elements. A shadow was inserted behind the map title for a subtle visual enhancement. Map credits, including cartographer, date, and data source were added in a text box at the bottom of the map. The map and legend were modified to show an updated capital city marker in the form of a yellow star. Jacksonville and Miami were then given unique visual identifiers and all cities were labeled with text connected to their locations with the Straight-Line Connector tool. Inserted images were sized appropriately to make use of empty space surrounding the map. I have posted an image of the map I created below: I ran into one frustrating snag while completing the assignment. Any text box I inserted would be surrounded by a dotted line outline that I didn't feel looked particularly good. When I tried to simply overlay a solid line box the dotted line would show through. After some time struggling with it I was able to find a setting in the text drop-down menu that turned this feature off and allowed for a much cleaner look. The setting is located at: I really enjoyed this introduction to CorelDraw. I feel that I have a basic understanding at this point of how to visually enhance a map using the many features available in CoreDraw. This basic understanding would allow me to create something of a similar complexity much more quickly and hassle-free in the future and should serve as a good foundation for expanding into deeper visual customization with the program. Thanks for reading! Source.

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