Werden Sie Mitglied von LinkedIn und erhalten Sie Zugriff auf das vollständige Profil von Matt Miller. Völlig kostenlos! Als Mitglied von LinkedIn gehören auch Sie zu den mehr als 400 Millionen Fach- und Führungskräften, die Kontakte, Ideen und Karrierechancen miteinander austauschen. • Authored and managed technical publications utilizing CMS for software manuals, engineering reports, ASTM specifications, and operation manuals. • Provided content management and version control by coordinating with team members and merged source material from technical manuals, online digital content, IT team, and SME’s. • Created and revised technical documents including discipline reports, software manuals, technical memoranda, design specifications, and engineering drawings. • Authored GIS management plan technical documentation which defined global GIS standards, GIS data protocols, field-data gathering methods, and project coordinate systems. • Designed and implemented GIS digital content creation by employing productivity software, HTML5, CSS, and open source GIS technologies. • Managed, created, and modified maps, cartographic publications, and figures, converted files from different formats for delivery in printed, web, and multi-media platforms. • Analyzed, edited and manipulated GIS data with mapping and geoprocessing analysis, 3D analysis, modeling, network analysis, relational database management systems, and CAD/GIS integration • Implemented ArcGIS Server on GIS projects for desktop, web, and mobile formats to provide services for mapping, digital content, imagery, globes, geocoding, and application development. • Executed management of illustrations, spatial data, vector graphics, and images in databases by utilizing desktop publishing applications. • Fashioned and designed original logos, exhibits, graphic templates, brochures, magazines illustrations, banners, posters, standard signage, covers, and complex 3-D artwork. • Created discipline reports, technical memoranda, design specifications, engineering drawings, reports, spreadsheets, databases, letters, emails, faxes, protocols, and correspondence using Microsoft Office tools and other desktop publishing software and hardware. • Processed A/P, A/R, timesheets, expense reports, coordinated and prepared contracts and other legal documents. Conducted monthly close/reporting, financial analysis, client invoicing, project budgeting, collections management, coding, and forecasting. • Maintained ERP database in PeopleSoft for project management, quality control/ quality assurance, financial controlling, human resource management, business operations, and marketing. • Designed page layouts for all types of printed material, acquired and created graphics, photographs, and illustrations to import into desktop publishing software programs, converted files for printed media or online content, coordinated production onsite or with commercial printers. • Created a digital archive of company confidential documents which adhered to strict corporate guidelines by using scanners and other hardware. • Analyzed engineering drawings created in Autocad and Microstation to create exploded illustrations visualizing assembly, disassembly, operation, installation, and maintenance schematics. • Ensured operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements, troubleshooting malfunctions, maintaining equipment inventories, and evaluating new equipment. • Created design solutions for websites, advertising, books, journals, magazines, posters, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications, and corporate identity. • Managed the formation of graphic libraries composed of icons, logos, typography, photos, illustrations, and other visual elements Established the Marshall Center’s digital photo archive. • Designed and built photo studio for taking official portraits for use by Public Affairs Office, performed on-site photography for publications, journals, and news media. • Coordinated and executed official photography of international dignitaries, including Secretary of Defense, United States, William Cohen, Supreme Allied Commander, NATO Forces, GEN Wesley Clark, President of the Swiss Federation, Adolf Ogi. Source.

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