• M.Tech in Remote Sensing & GIS and M.Sc in GEOLOGY .• Minimum 5 years experience, with advanced knowledge, installing and supporting ESRI applications including ArcGIS, ArcOBJECT, ArcGIS Server and Image Server within the GIS industry.• Experience supporting non-ESRI GIS mapping,visualization and coordinate transformation applications such as Google Earth and Petrosys will be highly regarded.• Excellent understanding and knowledge of Coordinate Reference Systems with ability to georeference data, transform coordinates and resolve cartographic discrepancies.• Advanced knowledge and experience performing complex queries and analysis on spatial data with ability to assist technical users in utilizing GIS applications, databases and data to achieve key business results.• Strong understanding of database technologies with ability to integrate multiple data sources into the ArcGIS environment via direct connections to internal and external databases.• Excellent skills and experience with ArcGIS, ERDAS,ENVI,AutoCAD,MapInfo,MarcaPhoto,StruMap,ILWIS,TalukGIS and ArcObject will be viewed in high regard.• Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of geotechnical data (well, lease, culture,production, seismic and petrophysical) and the methodologies commonly used to load and manage these data• Project Management experience and skills to enable successful definition, planning and execution of GIS related projects (software upgrades, data migrations and database design)Specialties: Strategic Planning , and focus on technology implementation.Information Technology with focus on Geospatial inforamtion & technologiesProject & product managment.Awareness and communication initiatives.Client Relationship Management.Knowledge Management.Leadership, Management and Organization. Source.

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