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). Currently decoded parameters are visibility, cloud cover, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, dew point, pressure, precipitation and current weather. The functions were not tested with many data files due to my limit time, so please help me to do this job. I found another station list which including more stations than WMO station list. Any way, it's just beginning and it will be better in the future. 'SYNOP Data' menu item is under 'ASCII Data' menu item in 'Meteo Data' dialog. Some figures from a synop data file are attached. Release MeteoInfo 1.0.6. The user plot functions were improved significantly. New plot tools are: free hand line, curve line, curve polygon, circle and ellipse. New render styles of polyline include cold front, warm front, occluded front and stationary front. Select 'New Curve Line' tool -&gt, Draw a curve by mouse -&gt, Select 'Select Elements' tool and select the curve line -&gt, Double click the selected curve line and set the line style to cold front ). GIS functions have almost been reproduced with Java, but meteorological data decoding work is still unfinished. Java 6 is needed to run the software. 3. The map content will be showed automaticlly according to the map extent. The content of other layers could be overlaied on the web map with transparency color. 4. Double click the added web map layer name to open the property dialog, and change 'Web Map Provider' value to view the data from that provider. Source.

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