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High quality editable Minnesota county map for creating illustrations, web graphics, infographics, PowerPoint presentations, reports, sales presentations and much more! This customizable Minnesota Map with editable counties comes in a number of formats, including Adobe® Illustrator(.AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD w/layers), Adobe Portable Document (PDF), Vector EPS, DWG for CAD users, Microsoft PowerPoint® (PPT), Windows Meta File (WMF) for Microsoft Office, JPG, transparent PNG and GIF. If you’re looking for a high quality presentation map of Minnesota with editable counties, look no further! county map for creating illustrations, web graphics, infographics, PowerPoint presentations, reports, sales presentations and much more! Printable Wall Maps (maps can be enlarged without losing quality because many of the formats are vector (ai, wmf, ppt, dwg) ) is a vector map that can be edited in PowerPoint. Each county is its own object and each county name is its own text box. Users can easily add pinpoints, location points, text and other elements to the map. Since the PowerPoint map is vector it can be resized without losing quality. is a vector map. Each county object is in its own layer and are completely editable. This means you can add your own elements to the maps, edit borders, separate counties, change colors, show or hide layers and more. Best of all, you can resize the images without losing quality allowing you to create maps at any size Additionally, county names are provided on a different layer in Illustrator, so they can be edited or deleted as needed. The Minnesota PDF Map is also a vector format file that can be edited using Adobe Illustrator. This is the portable document file format provided by Adobe. NOTE: you can NOT edit this map using Adobe Acrobat, but you can add it to existing PDF documents. The Minnesota Map in Adobe Photoshop format provides a map of Minnesota. The base map is a raster format and each county is easily selectable using the “Quick Select” or the “Magic Wand Tool” in PowerPoint. All text is editable and each county name is on an individual layer. This is NOT a vector map file so scaling this file may cause a lower quality image. The Minnesota Map in WMF format can be imported into popular Microsoft Office® applications such as PowerPoint® and Word®. This is a vector map that “ungrouped”, edited and resized without losing image quality. The Minnesota PNG Map file is a raster graphic best used for web sites. The PNG file has a transparent background, so it can be used on any color or graphic web background. Non-vector so individual items in the format are not editable. © 2015 Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC. IllustrationMaps.com is owned and operated by Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC. IllustrationMaps.com is a trademark of Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC. All rights reserved. Microsoft, PowerPoint, and the Office logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Illustrator and Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe. All other trademarks, service marks and registrations are the intellectual properties of their respective owners. Source.

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