2. If above is not possible, and If logo is simple enough to trace manually, then trace it manually using Illustrator or Freehand (or Corel or whichever). 3. if logo is too complex to trace manually and no original source is available. Then just use a bitmap for your animation. But instead of resizing your bitmap - which sometimes has undesireble effects - just fade in your logo. Or transition/'mask-in' your logo. I ahve attched the logo. I have been sent the .ai file from the designer (this is the vector format I think) unfortunately there must be something wrong with it as it will not import into flash (flash says some of the file might be missing or damaged) and PSP will not open it. I no longer have contact with the designer. I have a .tiff of the logo - is that any use. Also I have a .eps. These are all black and white, I made the logo attached to this post by adding an orange background (the designer has written what the colour is - Pantone 172C on the CD he sent me) to the .eps and then I saved the result as a .gif and exported it for use in my movie. The movie is at ya, AI - Adobe Illustrator - files are vector format files, however flash cannot open them directly. You'll have to either 1. Open the logo file in Illustrator, open your flash file also in Flash. Copy paste from illustrator to flash program. Easy enough. PSP is Paint Shop Pro? If it is, i think that is mainly a bitmap only program, no? not sure it handle vector format at all. Anyway, if you dont have access to either Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand, then i suggest you use the provided bitmap for your animation. If you dont resize you image it should look a-ok. Or if you resize from small to original bitmap size - final state, no jaggies. Back to intro flash, The shape tweens doesn't look so good man, really, just fade-out first line and fade-in the next, you know, like they have it at the start of movies sometimes. Fade-in and fade-out, simple but classy. You should definately rework the intro flash, its too far from 'pop-ing'. You can choose to remove it you know, and have the intro placed on the home page instead. Interesting comments. I guess the movie could do with some re-working. I'm new to the game but learning all the time. I had no idea what the font was in the logo, thanks. I will try to download a free trial of illiustrator - I suppose there is one? I found a trial version of Adobe Illustrator and opened the .ai of the logo. It says in this file the the logo is Eurostile Bold Extended Two. I went on the internet and purchased the font at font.com but when I tried to unzip the downloaded file, winzip says it isn't a valid archive, so I have spent 22 dollars for nothing at the moment! - I have contacted their technical help and hope they can put it right. I don't suppose anyone has this font, do you? Source. Looking for vector maps of Germany (Deutschland Vektorkarten) for Adobe Illustrator?."

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