Feel the Helghast might! With this mod I am hoping to add the Helghast as a playable faction into Men of War Assault Squad 2, however I am in need of... Planetwar Total War is a fantasy based mod for Medieval II Total War. It places the human race on an alien planet with many other alien and mythological... Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 is is a big ban patch that will try to balance the game a bit more from my and the community ideas and at the same... A dark secret of Revan's empire has remained hidden for 4 millenia only to awaken at the most crucial point in time to turn the tide of the Clone Wars... A standalone expansion of the Call of Warhammer experience. Fewer scripts, unlocked gameplay, brand new factions, new continents, dozens of new units... This mod is a recreation of the original Age of Empires in the third Age of Empires. Guide your prehistoric nomadic people out of the Stone Age all the... The Great War1914 is famous only for its fights in western front (France and Belgium) and Eastern (Poland, Russia and Romania), but few know that there... Two Clone Corporations And a Disagreement to one another 'The RC And ASCC' And No One Can Stop Them From Killing Each Other, While You Play As Matt Webster... This mod removes the suck out of Zero Hour... What little of it existed, at least, but there were definitely some things that were a bit poorly designed... HomiePop is a mod where all of the female characters of HuniePop are replaced with male, burly voices. Acting as part-humor, part-parody, it serves as... Now game looks more realistic and harder than ever. Prepare to get shot by mercenaries even through metal sheets. In most cases, without cover you will... ...What would happen on an all out war between the major powers of our planet? Would we destroy ourselves? Now imagine: What would happen if we were attacked... Hello Blitzkrieg Mod lovers, welcome to D-DAY JUNE 1944 & AFRIKA 43 Historical Add-on, the Realistic modification for COH Blitzkrieg mod including the... Narnia: The Golden Age is a Mount and Blade Warband mod with native base. As the there are seven books we chose 'The Horse and his Boy' because it offers... ATTENTION!!! ВНИМАНИЕ!!! ACHTUNG!!! Patch 1.5.1 release + beta 1.6!!! Rage of Dark Gods. Battle for the Empire Total War (Former 'Call of Warhammer... 'This is art.' You stare at a painting in your motel. You are Suki, an Aperture Science Volunteer Test Subject. A voice that calls itself the Aperture... This is the greatest mod ever made from me to the Witcher 3,modded was 85% of the files. Updating every 7 days :) The mod was created tens of hours so... Hello guys . This is Cold war mod . This mod work only for Men of war Assault squad 1 . I recommended you to have Men of war Assault squad with version... This mod intends to add various weapons from all around the globe to Misery mod, weapons of every stalker's dream. Suggestions, Feedbacks and points of... This mod is about three main factions at war for the control and influence of the planet. This mod is not a realistic continuation of RA2. In this timeline... This is a large scale modification for Electronic arts, 'Rise of the witch king'. This mod aims to give you a good amount of elements from the 2 lotr... Source.

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