Absolute space and time in Newtonian mechanics, implications of conservation laws, inertial frames, the Standard Configuration, Galilean Transformation, non-relativistic velocity addition, the Principle of Relativity, the Luminiferous Aether concept. The speed of light in relation to movement of source and observer, stellar aberration, the Michelson-Morley experiment, aether drag and viscosity experiments, Morley and Miller follow-up work, Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction, the constancy of c. Special Relativity and time dilation, length contraction as a consequence, the example of muon decay, mass, energy and speed, E = mc2 and nuclear energy. Proofs of Relativity. The Twin Paradox. The Lorentz transformation, reciprocity in relativity, spacetime diagrams, Doppler effect (radial and transverse), transformation and addition of velocities, light intensity, observing and seeing at high speed. Relativistic momentum and energy, centre of mass frame. Relativistic electromagnetism. The light cone, past, future and elsewhere, space-time intervals, proper time, proper distance. Three-vectors and four-vectors, scalar products of four-vectors, the energy-momentum four-vector, relativistic acceleration and force. General Relativity, the Principle of Equivalence, local inertial frames. Spacetime curvature, non-Euclidean geometry, a metric basis for gravity, field equations, Schwartzschild metric solution, black holes, light speed in curved space, bending, slowing and lensing effects for light, perihelion advance for planets, gravitational redshift. If you encounter any difficulties accessing Online Courses Handbook information please contact the Student Registry: If you require further details in relation to academic content please contact the appropriate academic department directly. Source.

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