I've had multiple requests for some beginner vector tuts for new to PSP9 folks. Since there is such interest and so few PSP9 vector tutorials available, I've created this page to get the newer folks introduced to vectors and the rest of us reminded of the various vector tools. I also consider this a reference page for those stuck in one of my vector tutorials which are not necessarily one of the first tuts you should try with PSP9 out of the box. Why are vectors so popular? You can create sharp selections from a vector. You can re-size vectors without losing any quality. You can easily change the colors, patterns, shapes, and line styles of the vector. Although there is quite a bit of information on this page, it is not intended to be exhaustive. For exhaustive information, do refer to your manual or its PDF file, in addition to the Help and Guides (F10)included with PSP9. If you downloaded your version of CorelTM Paint ShopTM Pro® 9, you may have missed the extra free downloads. These downloads included some preset shapes, frames, tubes, etc. If you have the CD version, you may wish to check the CD itself for any extras. Additionally, Chapters 13 and 16 from the manual will provide you with some extra materials. PSP Help has a whole series of in-program help on Creating and editing vectors. If you downloaded your copy, Corel does offer the manual as a free PDF file(5.2MB) as well as shapes, frames and so on. I created a custom vector toolbar for myself based on the Corel 'Create An Art Media Toolbar' found here (486 KB .pdf file). I've noticed I don't hunt the menus and sub menus for out-of-sight tools and I'm more likely to actually USE the full range of features. Take the time to learn the names and functions of the materials palette before learning any other PSP9 features or tools. You'll save yourself time and confusion later. Let's examine each member of the node CAST of characters carefully. At first glance, they seem the same during editing.... Font used for 'Vector', 'Node' and 'Cast' is called Vector and is available from searchfreefonts.com in 'Outline' category. 'PSP' refers to CorelTM Paint ShopTM Pro®. The individual creators own the copyrights and/or trademarks on their respective software filters, fonts, presets, Quick Guides, scripts, magazines, and images/banners which are mentioned or appear on these pages. Customizable layout provided by Blue Robot CSS layouts. Note that I changed the colors, background and customized the CSS for my site. Using my tutorial, means you agreed to these usage terms. All page elements, tutorials, and explanatory and sample graphics belong to me except where otherwise noted. Source.

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