Monopoly Game Board Design (Illustrator/Vector Artwork) | Jeff Geerling

While I was attending Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, a few brother seminarians and I had a long run of Monopoly tournaments, and we became quite adept at the game. Of course, my winning strategy was to always give up any and all properties to get Boardwalk and Park Place, buy a hotel, and hope someone hit the hotel before I went bankrupt... I created this vector file (below) in Illustrator after many hours of path-tracing original Monopoly board art, my own hand-drawn designs, and some clipart. I was intending to print it on some cardstock and mold some actual pieces (like a biretta, a Liturgy of the Hours book, a pipe organ, etc.) to play the game, but never got around to that part before leaving. So... I have had this file sitting on my desktop for over a year, and I thought it'd be best to simply share it. If someone wants, I can GPL the vector file so someone else can make a custom monopoly-like game without having to go through the Monopoly site and pay a ton of money. [Edit: I am releasing my work (see attached Illustrator file below) free of charge, under the Creative Commons ShareAlike license. Please do with it what you will, but be sure to link back to my site or give me a shout out when you use it!] Click to download: Seminopoly (Monopoly-like game board) - Illustrator Vector File(you can also download the Community Chest artwork in a separate file, below...) Seminopoly by Jeff Geerling is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Based on a work at Update: Anne Dickson, of A.D. Design in Durango, Colorado, has sent me two more bits of vector artwork for custom Monopoly chance/community chest cards – click to download: 'BUYING PROPERTY… Whenever you land on an unowned property you may buy that property from the Bank at its printed price. You receive the Title Deed card showing ownership, place it face up in front of you. If you do not wish to buy the property, the Banker sells it at auction to the highest bidder. The buyer pays the Bank the amount of the bid in cash and receives the Title Deed card for that property. Any player, including the one who declined the option to buy it at the printed price, may bid. Bidding may start at any price. ' First, it speeds up the game, as it enables the quicker collection of a matched set of streets (and remember that it's only when players have collected sets, and can start building houses, that the game moves into its final phase). Secondly, it makes the game much more interesting by massively increasing the interaction between players. Bluff appropriately and you could end up buying a property you really want for way below the market price, or trick another player into buying a property you don't want for way more than the market price. Thirdly, it makes the game much dependent on skill, and your ability to trick, bluff and manage the other players.' We did play by the official rules (in fact, one of the seminarians had the official strategy and rulebook for Monopoly, with a whole history of the game and the rules. It was kind of an addiction :) Whoa! Just ran across this in my Google Reader. I would definitely be interested in the vector file of this, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks! Perfect vector map, thank you so much! I was wondering if I can change the pink boxes that sorround every text, do you have any idea or is this just my computer playing tricks on me? Also, only have access to one type of font, which is strange.. Once again, great work and many thanks! Source.

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